The Canadian Higher Education Testing Association (CHETA) is a network of professionals involved with testing services at post-secondary institutions in Canada. 

The objectives of this association are to enhance professional testing practices, to advance collaborative efforts among testing professionals and their institutions, and to offer professional development opportunities.


This initiative was first discussed during a face-to-face meeting by Canadian members of the National College Testing Association (NCTA) who attended the conference held in Florida in September of 2015.

In August 2016, a meeting took place at the NCTA conference in Seattle. A total of 19 Canadian members were in attendance. During this meeting, the members voted to officially form Canadian Higher Education Testing Association (CHETA).

CHETA Term of Reference & Minutes


We now invite you to join the nearest Canadian Higher Education Testing Association (CHETA) chapter.  

There are currently four CHETA regional chapters, namely,

  1. The West Coast (BCHETA)
  2. The Prairie Provinces (PPHETA)
  3. The Eastern Canada (ECHETA)
  4. The Atlantic Provinces (APHETA

echeta inaugural meeting